Wrexham County Borough Council – Wrexham Music Service Funding

The Executive Board at its meeting on 24th October will be considering a number of proposals which will work towards the Council meeting its efficiency targets of in the region of £13 million in the  period 2018-20. The documentation for the meeting on the 24th is available on the Councils website. Contained within the document is a proposal to withdraw funding for the music service with the text in the report being as follows:

“The Council provides a very comprehensive music service to schools which includes peripatetic instrument tuition, facilitating orchestras and youth choirs to a number of pupils across the Borough. This is not a statutory provision and it is therefore proposed that the council withdraws funding for the music service. Schools will have the option to utilise their own funding to continue providing this service. However, if they chose not to, these services would no longer be provided. It is anticipated that this could generate £300,000 of savings in 2019-20”

Following the meeting, the Council will launch a consultation process which can be accessed through the Councils public website. The consultation period will run to the end of November.  Following this a consultation report will be considered by the Council in order to decide which proposals are to be taken forward,

Constituents are encouraged to respond to the consultation in order for their views to be considered.

I trust the above is of assistance.



Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts, Pennaeth Addysg / Ian Roberts, Head of Education

Gwasanaeth Plant a Phobl Ifanc / Children and Young People Service