Susan Elan Jones MP presents Park Rangers Petition in Parliament

On Wednesday, Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones presented a petition to Parliament calling for the decision to reduce funding for park rangers employed in Wrexham’s country parks to be reversed.

The petition was started by Cefn Branch Labour Party and community members in response to the announcement last year by Wrexham County Borough Council to halve the number of its country park rangers.

The petition calls on the government to urge Wrexham Council to reverse their decision and to recognise that nature parks are an important part of our environmental heritage.

Community Councillor and Cefn Branch Labour Party Vice Chair, Alex Mitsiaras said: “Our country parks our central to our community. They are integral to our local economy and tourism, and they provide a space for our children to explore and learn. By removing rangers from our parks the well-being of our animals will be put under threat and the upkeep of the grounds will fall from the high standards currently maintained. It is essential our ranger numbers are maintained to ensure the future of our park.”

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “I was very pleased to present this petition to parliament. I know just how much hard work has been done towards this excellent campaign.  We are continuing to see record tourism numbers coming to north Wales and our country parks are among the many fantastic things we have to offer.”