Susan Elan Jones MP backs calls for Tesco to eliminate ‘own brand’ plastic packaging

Susan Elan Jones MP has signed an important cross-party letter that demands supermarket giant, Tesco urgently seek a solution to their contribution to plastic waste and its impact on the environment.

The letter, written by Catherine West MP and the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Sue Hayman MP, calls on the Chief Executive of Tesco Plc., Dave Lewis, to commit to eliminating plastic packaging from its ‘own brand’ products by 2023.

The MPs state that over 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year and that 12 million tonnes of this ends up in our seas and oceans. This issue was recently highlighted by the acclaimed BBC documentary, ‘Blue Planet II’, which gained the highest UK viewing figures for 2017.

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to add my name to this excellent letter. The impact that this staggering quantity of plastic waste has on wildlife in our seas and oceans, who already face the scourge of overfishing and other hazards of human origin, is shameful. These are delicate ecosystems that are struggling to cope under the pressures that we place on them. Provision must be made to protect these precious environments and I believe we are taking a significant step forward by calling for a tangible reduction in wasteful plastic packaging”.