Susan Elan Jones MP and Housing Justice Cymru have met to discuss housing and homelessness

Susan Elan Jones MP has met with the Director of Housing Justice Cymru, Sharon Lee to discuss the work of the charity and how it might be implemented in the constituency of Clwyd South.


Housing Justice Cymru are the only non-denominational Christian housing charity currently working in Wales. On their website, the Charity describe themselves as: “The national voice of Christian action to prevent homelessness and bad housing. We believe that human dignity is challenged by the lack of a decent home, and aim to mobilise Christians united in their determination to work with and for homeless and badly housed people”.


Before being elected to Parliament, Susan Elan Jones MP spent 15 years working for charities, a large amount of that work was on behalf of the homeless. Following the productive meeting with the Charity’s Director, the Clwyd South MP said: “We are delighted with the work that Housing Justice Cymru are doing. It’s great to see councils, volunteer groups and church groups get involved with this excellent cause”.


Ms Lee said: “It was wonderful to meet with Susan and to see such strong commitment to prevent bad housing and homelessness”.