Statement by Susan Elan Jones MP

Thursday’s EU Referendum result was a disaster for our country and for the UK Labour Party. That is why today, with a very heavy heart, I have resigned as Shadow Wales Office Minister. In common with Shadow Welsh Secretary Nia Griffith, I call on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as Leader of the Labour Party.
I have shared my decision with my Welsh Assembly colleague Ken Skates and he totally supports my course of action. Over the last couple of days, I have received many messages from Clwyd South Labour members and supporters. The bulk of these have called for Jeremy Corbyn to resign for the good of our Party, our constituency and our countries of Wales and Britain. Our neighbouring constituency Labour Party of Wrexham has also passed a resolution of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.
Neither Clwyd South Labour Party nor I nominated Jeremy Corbyn to be UK Labour Party Leader last summer. However, I recognise that there are members in our constituency who voted for him. Although some of these have now contacted me asking that I urge his resignation, a minority of members who have been in touch take a different view.
I must respectfully disagree with them. One reason I agreed to serve as a Shadow Minister under Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership was that I felt his promise to reach out to people who never voted was worthy of great support. I also hoped that he would help deliver a ‘Remain’ vote from those on the British Left who had always been Eurosceptic. He failed on both counts and seemed totally unable to grasp the issues in the debate on immigration as it relates to our heartland Labour areas.
After Thursday’s Referendum result it is abundantly clear that Jeremy Corbyn could never become Prime Minister. It is also clear that he does not command any real electoral support outside the M25.
When I was re-elected as MP for Clwyd South in May 2015, I made a plea that we should never forget those in our society who are less fortunate, especially people on zero hours contracts. I also emphasised the need for our Party to remember that it exists first and foremost to support the lives and life chances of ordinary working people across our country. Neither of these goals are achievable with an unelectable Party Leader.
Some within the political bubble are debating whether Jeremy Corbyn has done his best. That, to me, is irrelevant. An unelectable best is not good enough for my constituency or my Party in the face of a right-wing Tory Government.
Finally, although I shall no longer be a Shadow Minister, I will of course continue to be totally committed to my work in Parliament and my constituency, as well as to the Party of which I have been a member for nearly 31 years.