My view – Wrexham Leader Column

Last week in the House of Commons, I was delighted to be able to present a petition on behalf of Ysgol Dinas Brân. The school’s students and teachers have been campaigning for an end to single use plastics and Styrofoam. I met with the student council last summer and promised them then that I would take their concerns to Parliament by presenting this petition. I think it’s fantastic that young people from our area are taking the initiative by using Parliament as a way of making sure their message is heard. I want to do everything I can to put pressure on the Government to make these suggestions a UK-wide reality. I firmly believe that it is through actions like these that we demonstrate to those in power that we care about these issues and wish to be involved in the decisions that are made.

I’ve mentioned pensions for women born in the 1950s before in this column. This is a big concern for many people in our area and I continue to be active in campaigning with and for them. Last week, there was a new development when Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaigners met MPs at the biggest drop-in session that I’ve seen in 9+ years as an MP. There’s a lot of support cross-party to get fairness but so far, little action from the UK Government. We already have serious, costed proposals; it’s high time now for the Government to act.

I’m concerned about what’s happening in Catalonia with elected representatives getting huge jail sentences and officially-backed brutality on the streets. This isn’t to do with different views on the constitution, it’s about basic human rights. I joined other MPs – many of whom were Welsh – in questioning a Minister about this. 

Thank you to all constituents who have been in touch with me recently about Brexit. I have done my best to respond to every letter and email individually. I also spent an excellent Saturday morning discussing the issue with residents in Corwen as I and others stood with a ‘Brexitometer’ on the high street.

It was great that we were able to engage with the debate in such a respectful and considerate manner – an approach that I think is the only one that will lead us from the current political deadlock.

In terms of the Johnson proposals, I have written an assessment of these on my website which can be accessed at

Constituents who don’t have access to the internet are welcome to send me a note to the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA and I will gladly post you a copy.