MP welcomes tougher gambling regulation

Susan Elan Jones MP has welcomed the news that there will be tougher regulations on gambling.

The Clwyd South Labour MP, who is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for action on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, has questioned Government Ministers in the House of Commons about gambling machines where £100 can be lost in a single stake. She also took part in the Government’s written consultation and called for a £2 maximum stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals.

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “There are some gambling machines that are putting people into thousands of pounds worth of debt. Gambling addiction is a real worry for some families and I think it is appalling how some betting companies have targeted poorer communities to put certain machines in. There’s a reason why Fixed Odds Betting Terminals are known as the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling – with stories of addicts losing up to £16,000 in a day.

“Those of us who have campaigned on this issue include trade unions, MPs, charities, think tanks, businesses, churches and other faith groups and most of all, concerned members of the public, some with very harrowing family stories. I welcome the fact that the Government has now agreed that the maximum stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals should be reduced to £2. It is a pity they took quite this long to come to a decision, but each and every move is welcome if it means we do something to tackle the issue of problem gambling which causes difficulties and hardships for so many families.”

Leader editorial May