MP urges Government to support free bank cashpoints – and welcomes Corwen initiative

Susan Elan Jones MP used a parliamentary debate on banking to praise community plans in Corwen. The MP also urged the Government to toughen the law to protect free-to-use cashpoints.

The Clwyd South MP told the House of Commons of her support for community banking initiatives and praised local businesses and the Town Council in Corwen for their efforts to promote the development of community banking.

During the debate Susan Elan Jones MP said: “What we do about cashpoints and ATMs is of utmost seriousness. There are currently some 70,000 in the country, the bulk of which are free to use. At the start of 2016, the then Chair of the Treasury Committee, Andrew Tyrie, said that cashpoint charging and closures were of great concern. His point was that, if the ATM companies were not going to deal with the problem, this House needed to look at it, because people in rural communities and those on low incomes would be affected the most”.

The MP described how the local community in Corwen was eager for community banking facilities: “Corwen is a wonderful place for tourism and has fantastic local businesses. The town really wants to consider and develop community banking, and people are adapting. We are not expecting to return to a previous era. We need a type of banking that works for us and for communities such as Corwen and many others across the country”.

Community Banking 8th Feb 2017