MP supports shop workers campaign

Susan Elan Jones MP has met with shopworkers union USDAW in Parliament and given her support to two of their key campaigns.

The Clwyd South Labour MP said:

“I agree totally with the ‘Justice for injured workers’ campaign and with the campaign to add a clause to a Bill that’s currently going through Parliament. This would make it a specific offence to obstruct a shopworker in their duty to enforce the law on the sale of offensive weapons.

“Personally, I’d like to see tougher laws to protect shopworkers. I was a sponsor of the Emergency Workers (Offences) Act, a bill that increased the sentences that could be given to people who attack NHS staff, Police Officers, Firefighters and Prison Officers in the course of their duties.

“I think we should have a similar law to protect shopworkers. Our area is not as bad as many, but we have still had incidences where shopworkers, including lone shopworkers, have had knives pulled out at them or been otherwise attacked. That must be a truly terrifying experience.

“Everyone, including criminals, know that the thing that differentiates a shopworker’s job from many others is that shopworkers have easy access to cash. I think the law as it stands is too soft and that we need tougher laws to protect our shopworkers”.

Shopworkers campaign Oct
Photograph: Susan Elan Jones MP in Parliament supporting the shopworkers’