MP speaks out against Armed Forces cuts

On the 11th January 2018 in the House of Commons, Susan Elan Jones MP urged the Government not to implement cuts to Armed Forces and Defence budgets, using evidence from local constituents as she did so.

The Clwyd South Labour MP was taking part in a backbench debate that paid tribute to the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces and called on the Government to ensure that defence expenditure is maintained at least at current levels, with no significant capabilities withdrawn from service, and the number of regular serving personnel and levels of training maintained

Susan Elan Jones MP quoted from local constituent Alex who said:

“I have worked across the globe as an engineer since leaving the service and I can say quite categorically that our service men and women are amongst the most capable and expertly skilled engineers on the planet. This means they are sadly being let down by ever tightening shoe string budgets and face annual below inflation pay increases. Though this year they won’t have a below inflation increase as they have been told to expect no increase at all. I know tabloids have said this sensationally before but I don’t feel it has ever been truer than today, Our Armed Forces are at absolute crisis point! Our equipment is over used and under maintained and so are our servicemen and women. The Government needs pressing on this and holding to account for the 7 years of decay they have inflicted”.

Speaking after the debate, the Clwyd South MP said:

“Alex speaks for all of us who believe in a better, safer world with properly-resourced armed forces. These are views the Government must listen to if it serious about defence and supporting the men and women who stand up for our security every day of the year.”