MP slams Government assessment errors

Susan Elan Jones MP has slammed Government figures showing three-quarters of Clwyd South constituents who appealed about their Personal Independence Payment status in 2017/18 were successful in overturning the original decision.

“It’s outrageous”, said the Clwyd South Labour MP. “The Government is admitting that in one year, 90 out of 120 people with major disabilities and conditions like terminal cancer had the wrong decisions made about them. 

“They only got the funding and support they were entitled to because they had to go through the additional stress of a complex appeals process.

“Every year, my staff team and I help around 800-1,000 local people. A good number of these have this sort of issue. While I’m glad to see bad decisions overturned, the number of mistakes made shows the system really needs to change. It’s time the UK Government introduced a fairer way of assessing and supporting disabled and seriously ill people.”