MP Presents Ruabon Station Petition to Parliament

Susan Elan Jones MP has presented a petition in Parliament this week which calls for better access to platform 2 at Ruabon station. Presently, access to the platform can only be gained by crossing a footbridge with several steps on either side, making it difficult for passengers with mobility issues, or those carrying heavy luggage to cross.

The petition from residents in Ruabon ‘calls on all parties involved to speed up plans to improve access to the Ruabon railway station either by replacing the existing bridge with one that allows easy access for all users, or to add a wheelchair accessible entrance to platform 2.’

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “I am very pleased to present this important petition on behalf my constituents in Ruabon. I completely understand the strength of feeling that this issue has provoked in the village and how frustrating it must be for who use the station and find access to platform 2 problematic. Ruabon is an important station, connecting people to our wonderful World Heritage Sites and key local destinations such as Wrexham and Chester and beyond. This problem needs to be recognised and addressed at the earliest opportunity.”

Ruabon Petition Presentation 2