MP praises South Denbighshire Community Partnership in Parliament

Today in the House of Commons Chamber, Susan Elan Jones MP urged the Government to examine the excellent work of the Corwen-based South Denbighshire Community Partnership.
The Clwyd South Labour MP said: “Our former colleague the late Jo Cox MP initiated an inquiry on loneliness so it was very moving to see her parents and sister in the House of Commons Chamber as we questioned the Minister on the Government’s newly-released Strategy. I am really impressed by the fantastic work that the South Denbighshire Community Partnership is doing to bring people and communities together so I was very pleased to reference them in Parliament”.
Susan Elan Jones MP, who co-chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group for Charities and Volunteering, also questioned Minister Tracey Crouch MP on the need for the Government to develop better infrastructural support for charities.

Photograph: Susan Elan Jones MP with South Denbighshire Community Partnership Manager Margaret Sutherland

SDCP in Parl Oct