MP meets with road safety campaigners in Parliament

Today in Parliament (20/11), Susan Elan Jones MP met with campaigners from the road safety organiser Brake.

The meeting was part of national Road Safety Week with road safety campaigners trying to highlight the issue of cyclists and motorcyclists injured and killed in road traffic accidents.

Speaking after her meeting, Susan Elan Jones MP said:

“I am currently undertaking some research on very high speeds on our roads so it was good to meet again with road safety campaigners. I am very concerned by some incidents that have taken place on roads in North Wales and when my research is complete in the very near future, I will be seeking the opportunity to raise the issue in Parliament in a debate with a Government Minister. Locally, we have seen examples of speeds of up to 138 miles per hour. I want the Government to look seriously as to how we use driving bans as a means of reducing these very dangerous speeds on our roads.”

Bike Smart