MP criticises new Government charges

Susan Elan Jones MP has expressed concern about Government changes to probate fees on wills.

The Clwyd South MP, who served as a committee member for the delegated legislation on probate fees, said: “As Co-chair of the All Parliamentary Group of Charities and Volunteering, I know how much concern there is about these new charges. One major national charity, Cancer Research UK, has said the Government’s rule changes will mean they’ll get £600,000 less a year. I think this is really counter-productive. At present, only 6.3% of wills contain bequests to charities. If that went up just a little bit to 10%, it would generate an extra £1 Billion for charities. We should be encouraging more people to leave money in their wills for charities not whacking new fees on top to make up for the fact the Government hasn’t budgeted properly.”