MP campaigns for free-to-use community cashpoints

Susan Elan Jones MP has been campaigning in Parliament for free-to-access cashpoint machines.

The Clwyd South MP who met recently with consumer champions Which? is a strong supporter of free-to-access cashpoints. She has called on the Government and financial regulators to ensure that every community has at least one free-to-use cashpoint.

“I had a really good meeting with consumer champions Which? to discuss our local needs”, said Susan Elan Jones MP. “We also discussed Which?’s national campaigning and the need for greater regulation of the LINK machine network.

“I have also had a very productive meeting with the Payment Systems Regulator about the local towns and villages that make up the Clwyd South constituency. This regulatory body has now confirmed that under their new guidance the LINK machine network has committed to maintaining the current geographical spread of free-to-use ATM cashpoints by protecting any machine that is more 1Km from any others. That is really important in an area like ours with so many villages and small towns. I asked them the question directly and am pleased now to get formal confirmation about this vital matter.”

Cashpoints are under threat because LINK – which runs the UK’s largest cash machine network – has cut the amount that banks pay operators for withdrawals, making some machines no longer financially viable to run. Over 500 ATMs across the UK close every month, with 2,611 machines having disappeared in the five months between December 2017 and May this year.

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