MP calls on PM to act in British passports row

Susan Elan Jones MP has written to the Prime Minister calling on the Government to reconsider its decision to award the contract to manufacture the UKs new blue passport to a Franco-Dutch company.

The decision to offer the contract to a foreign firm has caused outrage amongst politicians across the political spectrum, as well as from members of the public. The burgundy version of the passport is currently printed in Gateshead and will be replaced by the new blue and gold version in October 2019.

Susan Elan Jones MP also recently embarrassed the Government into admitting people in Wales will not be getting bi-lingual Welsh/English passports.

The Clwyd South MP said: “I am not surprised so many of my constituents have written to me about the Government’s appalling decision to have our passports made in France. The UK Government are turning its back on loyal British workers by doing this. The truth is that this Tory Government are not interested in Wales and they’re not interested in the prosperity and well-being of British working-people. As they’ve shown with Brexit, Theresa May’s Government care more about political ideology than they do about jobs for ordinary working families.”