MP calls for tougher rules on excessive speeding

This week in Parliament, Susan Elan Jones MP led a debate in which she called on the Government to toughen the rules on driving bans for excessive speeding. The Clwyd South Labour MP also called for more effective use of technology.

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “It’s the really high speeds that concern me most. When I spoke in Parliament, I shared two examples from single carriageway rural roads in North Wales – one where a car was going at 122 miles per hour and the other where a motorbike was driving at 138 miles an hour. Fortunately, no-one was killed or injured in these cases but it was only a matter of luck. I just don’t think it’s good enough that we often let people off with short driving bans. I urge the Government to act”.

In her speech, the Clwyd South MP referred to the latest available Department for Transport statistics across the UK that showed there were 24,831 serious injuries in road traffic accidents reported to the police and 1,793 people killed in road traffic accidents during 2017. She also noted that speeding was the most common driving offence on UK roads, currently accounting for around a fifth of road fatalities. 

Susan Elan Jones MP added:

“It is my strong-held belief that collisions and road traffic accidents are not inevitable and should not be accepted as such. Cycling UK has stated that whereas society expects high safety standards in various aspects of our lives where there are inherent risks, there is a different culture on the roads. I agree with their calls for far greater use of lengthy driving bans, both as a penalty and in order to protect the public”.

She also agreed with road safety charity Brake, which has called for people who have 12 points on their licence to be prevented from invoking the argument of ‘exceptional hardship’ and instead face an automatic driving ban.