MP calls for greater emphasis on literacy

Susan Elan Jones MP has called for greater emphasis to be placed on literacy.

The Clwyd South MP, who is co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Charities and Volunteering, made her remarks after meeting in Parliament with Nicola Cadbury of the National Literacy Trust.

Susan Elan Jones MP said:
“One of my big frustrations with the whole Brexit debate is that there are many other really serious issues that are being sidelined. One very important discussion we should be having is about how we can improve literacy rates.

“This week in Parliament I met with the National Literacy Trust. This is a well-respected charity that works with Government and also receives a lot of financial and other support from major companies.

“Poor literacy is both a social justice issue and a major concern for business. Research has shown that in the UK’s most deprived wards up to 35% of the adult population lack the literacy skills expected of an 11 year old. There are also serious estimates that show if every child left primary school with the reading skills they need, our economy could grow by more than £30 billion by 2025. This is unacceptable and I’d like to see more emphasis on literacy so that we can really improve things.”

National Literacy Trust