Local MP’s anger at Universal Credit blunders

Following a number of complaints to her constituency office, Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones has made representations to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to find out why working people in her constituency are being punished for the way they are paid.

The DWP set a monthly assessment period to work out how much financial help individuals on low-incomes get against their monthly wage. However, a loophole in the system means that if someone is paid twice in that month’s assessment period, they receive a much smaller payment from the DWP.

Many are sometimes paid early because their payday falls on a weekend and if this happens within the DWP assessment period it appears as though they have received double their wage.

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “My constituency office helps around 1,000 constituents a year. One of the chief issues I deal with is Universal Credit. The UK Government proudly announced that Universal Credit would make it pay to work, however, there is a growing number of hardworking constituents contacting my office because the DWP can’t get their act together. Where is the incentive for people to work when a government department treats them so appallingly for doing so? I have spoken out against the injustices caused by the shambolic rolling out of Universal Credit and I will continue to fight for my constituents who are being let down time and time again by this government”.