Local MP visits successful new youth project

Susan Elan Jones MP called in on ‘Funky Milkshakes’ founder, Al Tynan, to catch up with the latest news from the new community project over a milkshake.

Based in the Penycae Community Centre, Funky Milkshakes offers a variety of milkshakes complete with squirty cream and toppings. The project also gives local children and young people a space to play games and hang out while enjoying one of Al’s colourful creations.

Following her visit the Clwyd South MP said: “I like to help people who want to set up new community projects. Having discussed ideas and practicalities with my constituent Al Tynan, it was fantastic to spend Saturday afternoon seeing her brainchild ‘Funky Milkshakes’ up and running as a wonderful new youth project in Penycae. ”


You can find out more about Funky Milkshakes here: https://www.facebook.com/funkymilkshakes/