Clwyd South MP levels North Wales Brexit question at PM

Susan Elan Jones MP has asked the Prime Minister for assurances that the UK Government will listen to major manufacturing companies, farmers and the service sector in North Wales about their Brexit concerns.

Her question came as Theresa May was forced to carry out a reshuffle of her cabinet after a string of resignations over Ms May’s Brexit strategy. Yesterday, the Prime Minister made a ministerial statement to the House of Commons Chamber about the plans that have left her government in turmoil.

Following the Prime Minister’s statement, Susan Elan Jones MP said: “Yesterday I was determined to stay in the House of Commons Chamber until I got called to ask the Prime Minister about the concerns of North Wales’ manufacturing companies, the service sector and farmers about the Government’s approach to Brexit. Whatever our views on Brexit and what has happened over the last two years, it is now very clear that what the Cabinet agreed on Friday would not even be supported in the House of Commons let alone across 27 EU member states. That is surely a very serious and concerning situation for us to be in.  Our vital agricultural and manufacturing industries in North Wales are exposed to a very great risk from a botched Brexit”.

Last month, one of the biggest employers in North Wales, Airbus, warned that it could leave the UK if there was no Brexit deal. Its largest site is based in Broughton, Flintshire and employs some 6,000 staff.

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