Animal Welfare Law MP’s Priority If Selected For Private Member Bill –

Susan Elan Jones MP has said she would introduce a new law on animal welfare if she were ever selected to introduce a Private Member’s Bill.

The Clwyd South Labour MP who recently met with representatives of the League Against Cruel Sports said: “Every year around 400 MPs enter what is basically a large draw and of these, around 4 or 5 MPs get to bring forward a bill that has a good chance of getting into law.

“There are some strict rules around Private Member’s Bills – for example, they can’t be money-related so they can’t incur public spending, however it’s still possible to introduce laws on important issues.

“This year, although I wasn’t successful in the draw, I agreed to co-sponsor winner Chris Bryant MP’s excellent bill. This will protect emergency service staff with tougher sentences for those who assault them. It takes up a much-deserved cause and I am very pleased to support it.

“The bill I would like to introduce would also be about tougher sentences – increasing sentences from the current ridiculously lenient maximum of six months to five years for people who commit horrible animal abuse crimes.

“This would mean that the law in England and Wales would be similar to that in Northern Ireland and most European countries. Sentencing guidelines for most animal welfare laws haven’t altered in more than a 100 years. It’s high-time we brought our animal welfare laws into the twenty-first century”.

The ballot was held in June for the forthcoming session, so any new Bill would be for the 2018-19 session.