MP calls on Government to support key environmental campaign

Susan Elan Jones MP has written formally to call on the Government to protect the bee population by supporting a comprehensive ban on neonicotinoids.

The Clwyd South Labour MP said: “Bee-keeping is vital in our local area – and we need to be doing more to support the bee population and the production of honey. That’s why I want to see the Government following the science. We need a total ban on harmful pesticides, which have a severe effect on our wildlife.

Since last spring, I have been questioning the Government on another key environmental issue – the banning of microbeads (the pieces of plastic in products like shower gel and toothpaste that causes major damage to the world’s oceans). I am pleased the Government has changed its mind and decided to support a ban on these environmental menaces from 2017. However, we need the same sort of action to ban neonicotinoids. I urge the Government to act now.”



RTEmagicC_ribbono_cutting_01.jpg“Welcome to my website, which provides information about my work in Westminster and in my constituency.

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RTEmagicC_111108a_-_Susan_Elan_Jones_2_03.jpg“Croeso i fy ngwefan, sy’n cynnwys manylion am fy ngwaith yn San Steffan ac yn yr etholaeth.

‘Rydw i wedi cael y fraint o gynrychioli ardal fy nghynefin yn San Steffan ers Mai 2010. Yn San Steffan, ‘rydw i wedi ymgyrchu ar faterion pwysig fel swyddi; cefnogi busnesau lleol; diogelwch ar ein ffyrdd a
thrafnidiaeth; cryfhau’r gyfraith ar gam-drin plant; ac S4C a’r Gymraeg. Gallwch ddarllen fy areithiau seneddol a chwestiynau ar

Os hoffech fy ngwahodd i ddigwyddiad cymunedol, peidiwch ag oedi i gysylltu â mi yn y Gymraeg neu’r Saesneg”.